Ghostly Photographs

Real ghost stories you can see with your own eyes

I am a paranormal investigator, who is primarily a photographer. With the hope of capturing more evidence for the existence of the spirit world, I visit locations reported to be haunted. This has led to many intense personal experiences, so I have many stories to tell.

As the evidence photos continue, I'm writing stories telling why I was visiting that location and how the photos happened.

They are real ghost stories you can see with your own eyes.


I also give lectures and presentations. Upcoming events are:


This is THE event to go to in Gettysburg. Very pleased to be a presenter this year at Phenomacon. Amazing lineup of speakers including Chip Coffey, John Zaffis and Andrea Perron, author of "House of Darkness House of Light". The movie "The Conjuring" was about her family and the extreme hauntings they lived with for 10 years.      Check this link for more information on this fabulous event.  









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