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Phenomenal Collection of Photographs

“This phenomenal collection of photographs, coupled with the stories which illuminate each image, will enrich any reader’s mind with deeply thought-provoking concepts. What Julie Griffin has captured on film is equally compelling and significant. It will prove to be an outstanding contribution to a supernatural conversation occurring… Read more “Phenomenal Collection of Photographs”

Andrea Perron

Truth and talent, hard work and dedication

Julie Griffin focuses on capturing only the truest of paranormal photography. This I know, as I assisted her with this endeavor as copy editor. She is 110% entirely devoted to providing her audience with nothing but the most accurate photographs of her encounters, and describes every one of those with her own, very personal diary… Read more “Truth and talent, hard work and dedication”

Susan McVicar

Thought Provoking

The photos in this book captivated me, as did the stories behind the photographs. I don’t know where the author finds the courage to investigate these houses and institutions. I couldn’t put the book down. It certainly left me… Read more “Thought Provoking”


Well-Written and Captivating

This is not a book to read late at night, nor is it one to read in one fell swoop. Ghostly Photographs contains phenomenal photos of actual ghosts and anomalies. In it, the author describes the eerie happenings and events that surrounded the capturing of each photo. I find I need time to recuperate between… Read more “Well-Written and Captivating”

Joy Smith