Lizzie Borden Home

"When I reached the bedroom of Mr. and Mrs. Borden I felt an increase in the energy within the room. Taking multiple photos, I slowly walked around the bed. The room was dark except for the flash of my camera. I was the only one in the room at this time. While shooting across the room I noticed something. In the split second that I saw the picture that had just been taken in the viewfinder, there was a noticeable white spot in the center .

I didn’t stop to look at it; I just kept taking photos. Since I might have caught something, I took about ten more pictures than I would have had this not caught my eye. I make it a practice of not looking back at my pictures until I can download them . However, this time I wanted to know what the picture number was so I could easily find it later. Yes, I did take a good look at the photo in question on that little screen, but I am careful to not get excited over what may only be dust."

Julie Griffin (2012-10-02). Ghostly Photographs: Ghost stories you can see with your own eyes (Kindle Locations 111-117). AuthorHouse. Kindle Edition.

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