Oliver House

Built in 1769

In Middleborough MA., is the Oliver House. Built in 1769, it has been part of history throughout the Revolutionary War as an angry mob forced them to abandon the home in 1775 to return to England for their safety. Many families have lived there over the years and the town of Middleborough now owns the property.

I visited the house and property in May 2017 for an investigation with about ten other people. There is certainly a presence still in the house, but it felt stronger to me outside. When I looked at my photos from that evening, there were anomalies in two different locations. Inside the house is a line of small lights that varied in color. I have included the original photo and the close up, plus the photo taken afterwards, to show it could not be a reflection.

The tree line by the stone wall had especially gotten my attention that night. I had photographed that area a few times and was pleased to find anomalies in two of the pictures. I always try to take three photos of the same spot and this is a great example of why. Nothing unusual was in the first shot, but in the other two there was; and something had obviously moved. Again, I have included the originals and the close-ups. The small white lights were simply insects, and there are also dust orbs in the photos.

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