Tenney Gatehouse

The following photos are a small sample of my experience at The Tenney Gatehouse.

At a photo of the green plaid dress, I saw something in the window. Zooming in for a closer look, it was a man cut off at the waist, which I thought was kind of unusual. In the next photo the same man was in the window, but now his arm was down . And again, he was only seen from the waist up . I noticed the folds of fabric on his shirt, and did not remember anyone dressed like that, or a man with reddish hair.

The first floor photos were all taken on 10-10-2009 between the hours of 6pm and 7:30pm. It is a common misconception that most spirit photography occurs in dark circumstances. I have a goal to show you with the following photos that successful spirit photography can occur anytime, anywhere.

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